Laying the Foundation

"What's your Dream?"Unless you just stumbled onto this post by mere chance,my guess is, you clicked here for one of two reasons:1) You have a strong desire to advance your career2) You want to make more money.Most likely, you want to learn more about how to accomplish both.You may have found this information because of a letter you received, an email, a business card or a personal invitation from myself.Regardless, you are here, and I appreciate you!We may have never met, but I sense you are just like me.You have a strong work ethic and possibly an extensive educational background, but you may be having a tough time breaking into your chosen jobmarket. You may have all the right stuff, but getting nowhere fast.In today's economy, it is even more challenging to start at the job level which you may have previously envisioned.Unless you have some technical training, ie.. plumbing, electrical or auto mechanics, you may feel like you don't have 'the edge' you need in order to succeed in your jobmarket.I can say this, because this is how I felt.In college, I studyied psychology, general business and marketing, but I was quite unprepared to step into a management position.It took me several years to decipher the code to my profession.With all the text books that I had amassed, there should have been a manual which detailed the correct path for entering the management marketplace, a step by step manual for success, or at least it would seem.You may have a culinary degree, a management degree, or a degree in hotel and restaurants, but now what?For matter of simplicity, I will call this initial journey into the jobmarket, "The Laying of the Foundation."You have to start somewhere. and that somewhere is best molded by a carefully crafted plan, a plan for advancement. It is best not left to chance.I will tell your from first hand, been their done that, leaving your future to chance, is not a good idea.You can really get stuck in the basics of getting started, then not progess at all, or progress, but very slowly.This is a dangerous path and should be avoided at all cost.You may not be so lucky as to find the right company when you first begin. It's best to stop, look, and determine if the company is right for you.If you see it's not, don't walk away slowly.Quit and run the other way, as fast as you can.Don't waste your time with an employer with low standards and aspirations.Try to determine ahead of time, but don't be afraid to change if you know you made a mistake.Remember, you can always create a job which doesn't already exist in a good company, but it is virtually impossible to advance in a dead-end company.I hope this gives you something to think about.PS.Beware.Following the traditional methods for advancing your career, could limit your yearly earnings by $10,000 or $20,000.You read that correctly.In just one year, you could stand to loose that much money right out of your pocket.I only wish I had someone to help me when I was first starting out.Thank you,Bill"Helping you Achieve your Greatest Self",
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  • Andy,

    I apologize.
    In my haste to get the information out to my readers,
    I kind of jumped the gun.

    What I intended was to post the article as a series of 7 articles, which will be available through my website.

    The finished product is still in the editing and proofreading stage.

    I am sorry for the confusion.

    I will post the first of the series in a few days into my website and
    on FohBoh.

    Thank you,

  • Bill, I went to your website and could not find your publication, Your Career is at Steak" as you mentioned above. Can you give me a direct link to it. I would love to see it.
This reply was deleted.

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