My answer to this question is NO.Two main reasons.1. We keep finding new ways to use technology to make the workforce more productive.2.Baby Boomer are going to be in no hurry to retire.What can the restaurant industry do to attract and retain this older generation of workers?Last week there was a great article supported by some great research on the Staffing.Org website.Rather than trying to repeat what the article say go take a look at the research.What can the restaurant industry do to attract and retain these older workers?
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  • This is a great topic. I don't think the industry will be that short in two years. As far as the
    older workers are concerned, they need to know that they are respected and appreciated.
    We need to exhibit confidence in them, their ideas and judgments. If they're anxious and willing to work, by all means, they should be hired and given the chance. You might be
    surprised. So many in HR consider age an obstacle, rather they should consider it as
    positive reinforcement. More than likely, the older worker will have the people skills, street
    smarts and appreciation and pride for the work and the job he or she does.
  • Great topic and thanks for sharing the link!!
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