Apple is a great company

My first computer was a Mac. My first Mp3 was an iPod, I use a MacBook Pro and an iPhone.There is just something about their attitude, their quality, their unique ability to dazzle, amaze and inspire millions, including me. We have a history with Apple and Steve Jobs. Ted worked directly for Steve at Apple, then again with him at Next. I just went to school with him.FohBoh shares many of the same philosophies about business, quality, service and design. We are impressed and I can't wait to buy another product. Maybe it will be a bunch of new red nanos. Hmmmm.
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  • My first computer was a Power Mac - I still have it but haven't used it in a while - I bought a Mac Mini three years ago and love it - I need to increase its RAM before it gets too old, or I do, and we both crash! Or get one of the gorgeous new I-Macs that I saw in a store recently - fantastic huge screen and magnificent hi-def images -
  • Never been accused of being subtle.
  • I'll have to take some pics and post them on my page sometime.
  • Our Nephew gave us an old Apple and it works good. My hubby's dad has an Apple that still works too. They both are internet compatible. I'm not sure what series or model that are. All I know is that they are oldies but goodies ...
  • I love their consumer-focused products. I have yet to make the jump and purchase a MacBook yet though. I'm not sure why I'm so scared. It's just a computer! And a much better one than the one I currently have, I'm sure.
  • Really enjoyed this post about Apple! My hubby's father has owned Apple products, my hubby and nephew are great fans too. My nephew is attending college for computer networking and wants to relocate to the Silicon Valley when he graduates. Perhaph our paths will cross down the road...
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