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What defines a social network? Basically, it's people getting together online and communicating interactively. It's a dialog, not a monologue.Social media companies do not generally publish articles or disseminate industry news. FohBoh is not a magazine with staff writers looking for interesting news and tidbits for your tactical, or visual consumption. FohBoh is the voice of the restaurant industry and a global social community dedicated to the restaurant industry. FohBoh represents the entire industry, commercial and non-commercial, worldwide and, in real time.Because social networks are perhaps the ultimate manifestation of user-generated content, our members decide what you read, not the publisher. We just manage the flow and ensure it’s compliant with our community guidelines.Social networks allow you to connect with other industry professionals around the corner or around the world. It enables you to communicate with vendors, service providers and friends in the business 24/7. It provides an opportunity to join or form a group or jump on a discussion on a topic of interest with others that have real experiences. Debate, collaborate, learn, share comment, it's up to you how you use and benefit from FohBoh. FohBoh facilitates collaboration in real time to help answer a question, or solve a problem.I would love to hear how you use FohBoh today and what you would like to see us add next to make it even more valuable.
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  • Thanks Michael. I understand.
    I read your comment to Andy. i'm thrilled that FOHBOH is having the following.
    This has been the most awesome experience for me. I just happened to find
    FOHBOH, by accident, after reading about it on "The Food Channel".
    Glad to be aboard.

    Take Care and Thanks,

  • Hi Andy, Thanks, as usual for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    FohBoh is rockin'! I couldn't be more pleased with membership growth, quality of content, the level of activity and our website metrics. We are about to make a series of announcements regarding partnerships, exciting content opportunities and growth. We hope to close out our first round of financing this month then on toward a larger institutional offering in Q1 2009. We are closing national advertisers and generating revenue so all is good, thank-you-very-much!

    Erin, Sarah and KT are doing an amazing job, so thanking them publicly is my pleasure. We have five team members now, six on the advisory board and looking to increase our team by two before the end of the year. Ted is really a genius behind the scenes and new features and functionality is coming soon.

    It's been hard work, but also fun. And, watching this amazing community grow from 1 member has been as fun as opening a new restaurant and watching it succeed. Been there. Done that. Live is good Andy and thanks again for all you do for FohBoh!

    Best and Cheers!
  • Hi Keith, and thank you. Regrading your question : When I signed on, the "connections" were called "friends". Now, they're "contacts." What happened ? is it a politically correct thing?

    While many of your connections on FohBoh may indeed be friends, we are a professional network that is fast becoming a deeper professional community. It just seemed more relevant and in keeping wit our B2B position. FohBoh is business and social.
  • I use it for....
    1. Sharing my knowledge with others in hopes that I give back what others have given me in my career.
    2. Exploring other expert opinions on issues that I need further direction on

    What would I like to see added or enhanced:
    1. As in most new social networks, more user content. The same people seem to engage the most often and I know there are a lot more opinions from the "quieter" participants on the network
    2. Better management of groups - there are too many and they overlap. I have pulled out of a majority of the groups I first signed up for - there is no continued content.
    3. I manage one of the larger groups and it is hard to post enough content on the front page where most exposure comes from and post within the group as well. Need more hours in the day to pull that off
    4. How can Erin entice others to produce content? Can she help people get their thoughts online?
    5. Can you get some big names to endorse and produce info for the site, for example, Jim Sullivan?

    Notes of interest to me:
    Out of curiousity and if you can answer, how is FOHBOH handling revenue generation? Is it washing out the way you hoped? Is the future building?

    I consider myself an active member. How can I assist in improving the long term viability of the site? Its future benefits me as well.
  • Michael,

    This has been a Godsend for me. I have come away with so much valuable information and ideas for career change and career sourcing.

    What amazes me about the community here, is the brain power and the creative minds that go with it.

    I think it is phenomenal that this group has almost 10,000 members. I also like that each of us is allowed to express his or her opinion or thought on issues that are relevant.

    As you may know, I come from the travel and tourism industry. I'm thrilled that I have been able to add my two cents from travel to the conversations of restaurants, food and the
    hospitality industry.

    I love the interaction among the people on the forum. I feel I have known some of them
    forver, and it has been barely a month for me!

    One question : When I signed on, the "connections" were called "friends". Now, they're
    "contacts." What happened ? is it a politically correct thing ?

    I consider the folks on the board as my friends. Contacts and connections seem stuffy to me, and this is
    a "social" network.

    Keep up the awesome job !!

    All the Best,

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