Food sensitivity is all the rage now, with one in 25 Americans report a food allergy. A lot of business owners are wary of bending their business out of shape to accommodate small segments of the population. But if you are wondering if it's not a lot of business to go after, consider this: if the allergenic customer eats with just one other person on average, turning them away may means turning more than 1 in 13 potential customers.

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The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) has updated its free training program and it is available on the web.In partnership withe the National Restaurant Association, FAAN has created a 60 page guide that includes..." case studies, best practices, up-to-date research, food labeling information, and practical strategies for avoiding cross-contact, as well as suggested procedures for keeping guests safe and steps to prepare for an allergic emergency."Restaurants are encouraged can use this guide as a basis for their food allergy management programs.

Download it here.

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  • thanks for that Susan. Great article! It's a disturbing trend - and hopefully, a trend we can begin to eradicate within our lifetime.
  • Check out p. 1 of my lasr issue - there's a story on this topic =
  • this is great John. Thanks for posting it.
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