Here's another opportunity to be on a radio show that deals with "Green" or "eco-issues".It's open to anyone,'s radio!If you are an operator, supplier, or manufacturer of "green, eco-friendly, environmentally-positive products or services....or you operate your restaurant(s) in such a manner, with such a philosophy....I would like to hear from you....soon.A radio show producer is looking for people who fit this bill. If you do, send me an overview of the: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHO AND HOW of what you are up to; PLEASE keep your comments to less than 300 words max.Let me know ASAP, since the deadline for this opportunity is: September 15th at 5:00 p.m. EST.Simply drop me an email at: . I will forward your information on to the producer; but make sure that what you send is "on target". He is interested in " people who who want to share their story of what they are doing to help the environment. " Unfortunately, if your submission is not pitched on target, I will not be able to forward it on to the producer for his perusal.I hope to hear from you.BTW, remember, it doesn't matter where you live....NYC....or anywhere else will do!Good luck,Roy

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  • Roy-
    I copied and pasted this into an e-mail to someone I'm doing a story on at the moment who really fits the bill - his restaurant just installed solar panels as one of a host of initiatives this year to be more eco-friendly. I invited him to join FOHBOH but like most people, he's probably really busy and hasn't had a chance to take a look yet-
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