Opening a Bottle With Your Bare Hands

Okay, so you are at a party and snatch an import in front of a hot girl. Of course, there is no opener in sight. You want to look cool in front of the girl. What to do?Are you wearing a ring? Great. Slip the ring on your middle finger and rotate it until the thickest part faces down.Grasp the bottle firmly with the hand without the ring and bring your ring hand over the top palm flat. Tilt the neck of the bottle slightly away from you, position the outside portion of your ring just under the inside teeth of the cap. cough loudly to get the girls attention.Using your hand as a lever, quickly roll the wrist forward as though you are shifting a car into high gear. At the same time, tilt the bottle toward you. Your ring should hook the cap like a bottle opener and peel it right off.If it worked, you are the bomb and get the girl.
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  • If it doesn't work you get a cast for your broken finger.
  • What finger is that ring on?!
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