When the past haunts you online.

The Web has been a great way for former friends and coworkers to find me and vice versa. And I'm not talking sites like or even MySpace. Plenty of folks need only Google me to find me and sites like FaceBook and LinkedIn are what's helping me reconnect with those I'd long admired and adored but with whom I just lost touch.The downside? There are folks with whom losing touch wasn't such a bad thing. Anyone from ex-flings to idea-stealing-corporate-mongers have resurfaced. Especially lately.Can anyone relate? How do you handle it?On the Web, you can run but you can't hide. In the ex-flings case I find myself using the, "I'm sorry, I don't remember you" routine. Bitchy, I know. But hey. Whereas with the idea-stealing-corporate-mongers, I just don't accept their invites to connect.Now that you know all of my secrets, what are yours? (chuckle)
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  • Norbert, thanks so much for your clarification. I misunderstood -- funny how my response was a living example of the misunderstandings that can happen online!
  • Judy, it was totally my pleasure, you rock.
  • Judy paraphrased me as saying: ...ideas are practically a dime a dozen and folks can steal them anytime, so therefore get over it...

    Rather than "getting over it" you could develop your -original- idea into a working model, and develop it according to your own -original- methods... That's where difference is, in your execution.

    Quoting again: Granted, it all boils down to execution but this person also said to "keep innovating," which leaves me to believe he has not so much integrity when it comes to coming up with his own original concepts, and must rely on the influences in our society to drive his business.

    I don't quite understand how you equate "innovation" with "lack of integrity" - your business (unique, original, and so on) will always operate withing the constraints of society. Those environmental factors will influence the way you execute your idea (original or not) and your innovations , customizations (to make your idea successful within that environment) determine its outcome.

    Hope that clarifies it. I didn't mean to devaluate your opinion - just offering an alternative approach... Keep innovating!
  • Amanda, quit following me! (Former Amanda Group Starter).

    Seriously though:
    What you post online is not yours once you hit save or add comment or send. It's out there. I always try to write things that would be seen by anyone. Especially if your boss or company starts googling you.

    There are so many times that I have heard about people posting stuff and getting in trouble about it at work. Ethic come in to play most of the time.

    ps: hopefully Amanda will come to some event in Portland, OR so I can say hi in person and I can club hop with her in all the trendy spots!
  • Thanks, Andy. I love what you said about being wrong. I am guilty of this for sure! I'd like to think my hunches are always right on, but with technology this isn't always the case. I think Amanda is also your biggest fan.

    Amanda, it was great meeting you today! I'm still laughing after our conversation. Thanks for lunch and for reaching out.
  • Yes, you are not the only one who struggles here. Me too! When networking is such an important part of social media, who to connect to is even harder than than if you are face to face with someone. I still try to validate with other sources the old school way, i.e. telephone with someone else within that network to get the scoop and see if I am on solid ground. If not, the only thing I have is my gut and the way a person interacts with others. I have been wrong more times than I would like to admit but the relationships and ideas I have gained from everyone else is so immense that it outweighs the "negative" connections I have experienced. I think your approach is best....stay engaged at all levels and use your intuition to "feel" your way through it. Your genuineness (is that a word) will always win out!

    Pass along my Hello to Amanda, she knows I am her biggest fan!
  • So, the driver dropped me off way earlier I'm sitting on the patio outside of King's Seafood in LBC reading Judy's post about avoiding internet stalkers and I see my name mentioned twice... I don't know if I should feel flattered or like a stalker. Now if you google "Amanda Hite" my name and this topic come up. (smile) I look forward to meeting you both!!
  • Amanda and I are going to talk live next week (phone) on some career advice
    for me.
  • That hacker! More like stalker ...
  • Thanks, Keith (Keith Keith)

    I know it's so true. There are advantages to this as well, in case we are on the other end of things and wanting to know about people with whom we'll associate. I have Googled folks in the past to see what they're about and whether they're legit (like guys I've dated so my private investigator friend no longer has to do it for me!!)

    Speaking of, just talked to Amanda whom I'm meeting for the first time today (she says, "Hi everyone.")! She mentioned she's not sportin' the blue hair anymore. If not for the Internet, how would I have even known that she had blue hair!
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