chef pick-up lines.

we don't get out much, but when we do, watch out. fuego!
am looking for suggestions on how chefs can pick up those in the greater public.
sure i could date a waiter or a host, but i don't want to look like i believe my own hype. it's so 5 minutes ago. it's been done. and done. I am not a Food Network star. but i want to look beyond the doors of a restaurant.

what do you think of these:

"Need your knife sharpened, baby?"
"Looks like you need a little extra seasoning in your life. I got the right kinds of salt."
"How about we quit this crazy service and pass out at my place?"
"Want to learn how to truss with me?"
"Wanna see my meat walk-in?"

"Do you know how to dance the Meringue?"

"I'm like a slow braised protein. A tender, succulent animal."
"Can I call you up again after midnight?"
"Mmmmmm, you smell like brown butter. Delicious."
"Wanna get together on my next day off, next month?"

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  • "Which do you prefer: underfired or overfired?" If she knows anything about broilers, she'll be like putty in your hands.
  • Hilarious!
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