10. It will raise your cool status on FohBoh9. Will be posting video blogs in the group over the next 90 days8. There’s a cool gen y test you can take that will either make you feel really cool or really old7. The group is full of paradigm busters that will change the way you think and behave with talent6. There’s a synthesized generational smorgasbord of idea’s and perspectives5. There’s 13 discussion’s going right now that will funky up your thinking4. Andy Swingly is offering free text (and variations of texting) lessons to thegroup's first 200 members3. You'll learn new slang that will enhance your "dating game"2. Being a part of a revolution is a great way to cope with a quarterlife or mid life crisis1. It's a great way to bring sexy back to your career!
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  • I can be myself !
  • I will pass on the gen y assessment but will take you up on the texting lessons!!!! Sexting? How Exciting!
  • sign me up.
    maybe I can teach y'all to Tweet on Twitter... Now that I just to learned myself!
  • I think it is incredibly cool that I made #4! Also if you join you can see my sexy mohawk hair has nothing on that fancy do!!!!!

    "Sexting" is the next social network....stay tuned!
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