I'm very happy to report that all has been resolved with the folks at NASFT and I will indeed be attending the show. I'll have to miss a day but as they say “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”. I will consequently be removing the additional posts about this situation so that we can all move forward positively.I would also like to share that both Ann Daw and Mike Tucillo were extremely magnanimous, accommodating and helpful in making sure this resolution came about in time for the show. My thanks and appreciation go out again to them for their time in personally making sure an amicable resolution was reached so quickly. They have indeed proven their concern for this small business owner and for those who participate in/attend the show.It's fair to say that mistakes were made on both sides; we've all learned a great deal from the experience and in the end are happy with the outcome. We are only human after all but at least in this case no one lost sight of that fact despite hectic schedules, IT problems and the deluge of daily life.The show is going to be great! I'm looking forward to connecting with old acquaintances and seeing what's hot and new in the marketplace.Hope everyone who attends has a great time and I'll be back when it's all over to blog about the highlights.All the best and safe travels,LoganCEO/Chief RainmakerBlue Nile Consulting
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  • I agree. Unfortunate for all concerend. Since posting today's update I've had two conversations with Mike Tucillo to try and fingure out a way to not only smooth things over but to try and repair the damage their email blast did to our company name/image. We're still working through it...

    But yes, a new client is always a great thing.

    Jeffrey, feel free to drop me a line any time.
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