A good glass of wine

Yesterday I discussed my love of cupcakes, and today I continue revealing my vices by discussing another love of mine — wine.I blame my interest in this particular beverage on my hometown. No, I didn't grow up in Napa Valley or in another country that boasts fine wines such as France or Spain. I grew up in Roselle, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago.There's a cute little winery in Roselle, Lynfred Winery (, that boasts some of the best wines in the country. Yes, I know that's a bold statement. And I made it.Anyway, I believe I had my first real wine education of sorts there. On most days you can taste eight wines for $5. Of course, their selections vary by season. My favorite is its own Christmas wine, a red that warms me up right after braving the nasty outdoor elements that are typical of Chicago winters.Since then I haven't been to anything else quite like Lynfred. I've been to some great wine bars, yes, and perhaps I'll share some of those experiences later. I've also visited some of the Virginia wineries near my home.However, I haven't been to Napa yet. But I will.
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