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There are so many great food blogs out there that it's really tough to select just one to feature. So I'll be highlighting some of my favorites from time to time here.Since I'm known for my unrelenting sweet tooth (which my dentist claims he doesn't appreciate... but it gives him more business, right?), my food blog of the day is Cupcakes Take the Cake ( only is the site visually appealing, but the folks there list places where you can great cupcakes. Cupcakes do bring people together after all!Do you have any favorite dessert blogs or Web sites that you think deserve some attention? Let us know!Claire
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  • Am I allowed to name my own?
    I am a pastry chef with a blog and I also have a collection of links on my blog to other pastry chef & chef blogs as well as Many other food blogs all over the world.

    Mine is Eggbeater.
    And the collection of links are here.
  • Here's one that makes my mouth water:
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