Happy Fathers Day

I was just reviewing some recent photos taken and being stored in my files when I came across this one. That's my 84 year old father and my wife, Kim standing near his home in Irvine, California.My dad is a former Navy man and proudly served in WW II on the USS Saratoga, an aircraft carrier with wooden decks. Funny, I have always remembed this fact about the USS Saratoga. Maybe it's because wooden decks seem like something from another century.My dad introduced me to baby back ribs when I was a kid. He spend hours perfecting his BBQ sauce, which had way too much worcestershire sauce, but I didn't tell him that. He smoked them slowly and was totally in control, so no messing with his ribs. I remember he frequently smoked those over-sauced ribs on fathers day. Now, so do I.At 84 he seems to remember the "old days" far more than the "new days". That's ok, he's 84. Now and I charish each day he is here and look forward to having an "old days" conversation tomorrow.This post is to thank him for being here, teaching me about smokin' baby backs and always supporting my entrepreneural zeal.Happy Fathers Day!
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  • Happy Fathers Day to you, too, Michael... and to all of us! (This year I get to be with one of my three grandkids and my oldest daughter).
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