Hell Kitchen 5/28

Should have fired three. I think he is keeping Matt and Jen for entertainment purposes.How about the sweat soaked pasta Matt cooked~Since they are not skilled where are the thermometers that would have eliminated Lourosses undercooked meat..I can't wait till next week and see Rock. Now that was a good season. I am glad to see he has been successful. None of these people are ready to be a 250k executive chef.Come on Matt I can smell your ending. Sooner the better.Let me know your thoughts.
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  • For a split second, I though he was going to fire all three. But then again it's "reality" TV... they'll go to just about any length to build the suspense. How about we consider for a minute the point that Chef Ramsay made by switching Matt and Jen back to their respective teams. If you can't work with a particular person in a real kitchen you don't get to change teams! Personally, I wouldn't hire any of them... even as line cooks. I'll put my money on Matt leaving next week. I hope Rock shakes some sense into one of them.
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