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  • The telephone adds at least ten pounds to my voice.....

    Great job Nathan and an awesome final product. I learned some things as well from it. Combine Doug and Adam's comments for a great tool for new AND existing members of the site!
  • DG: Good to see you again! I would have opted for Mike Rowe "Dirty Jobs" voiceover. He does the Dangerous Catch voiceover.

    Not sure about the part of the process part. That might slow registrations down, though there could be a skip link.

    I would put this on the Blog, Discussion, Photo, Video, Group creation sections as well. That would help too. I learned about the timed release of blog/discussions while watching it. Very fun and cool.
  • Also, Having a conspicuous " Take The Video Tour" link on the main page (maybe somewhere under the logo with the main tabs) would encourage first time visitors to check it out.... could help to increase registration rate.

  • Awesome video. Great work Nathan! I tried to get James Earl Jones to do my voiceover for me....never returned my calls. Go figure.

    Adam.... great suggestion on emailing this to each who registers. OR... maybe make watching the video part of the registration process???? Just a suggestion.

  • This is a great video. The link to this video should be sent in a hello email to each person who registers. It really walks people through. Plus it was great to see Matt, Doug, Andy and Amanda talk about their experinces! Very interesting to hear their voices since it's all typed conversation!

    Great Job Michael, Ted, Diane, Sarah, Nathan and Co!!
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