Hi Y'all,"Never Trust a skinny chef" has been my moto for many years.Why do you tink I have a Sage leaf instead of a photo?truth be told-- I wish Iw asn't so trustworthy...Okay 2 kiddos and a job where I get paid to eat- not too much too complain about. . Who ever thought I'd get paid to eat and spot trends- WOW-- even better than what I thought back in the days of cooking school.. Not a bad living, just bad on the gallbladder.No wonder they had to remove the darn thing.Sounds fairly undignified from my mouth to this blog but I've been dying to write about my journey- no my food divorce/nightmare- aka the weight loss trials and tribulations of a fat foodie trying to shed a few kilos.I've lost 15 # so far-- yee haw only 60 or 70 pounds to go...For those of you who know me... I eat to live. Food is my favorite sport. Shopping too- but I am trying to hold off on that for a while so I can pay the mortgage during this so-called recession.My coworkers- and a few buziness personality tests-- have shared that I rank very high in teh charecterists "urgency". As in "I want it now... everything now..." So after a few decades of decadence-- and now almost 3 weeks of dieting and working out-- i want my body to majocally morph back into what I looked like a young bright eyed restauant chef.. before kids.. before R&D jobs, long lingering 5 star dinenrs and consulting/traveling the world looking for the enxt edible trend,... Lipo (instead of calgon) take me away....How about you all-- fine foodies out there in the global universe. what are your weight loss tips and tips? Or please share some of your own neurosis on the subject.Life is delicous (especially when one is counting each calorie),Kathleen aka K2
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  • Okay- so new new weight loss since NRA show- but back to my weight right before the show. I spaced going to both the FOH BOH booth- and to the cocktail party- darn. Yoo busy EATING too much!!!!!!!! Some days i wish for the stomache flu (only kidding, knock on wood)
  • Sorry, it was 2001 that I got my Scuba cert and began losing the 45 pounds.
    It really sucks to age!
  • I too have struggled with weight since high school. I seem to be of the addictive personality type. I eat for comfort and because it tastes so good; not necessarily because I am hungry. I am addicted to candy - Hershey's plain Milk Chocolate bars and gummy bears!
    In 1991 I went down to the Florida keys to get my Scuba certification and got myself off gummy bears in early June. By the end of November I had lost 45 pounds. I did this primarily by watching my portion sizes and avoiding fats as much as possible. I was doing calisthenics for 40+ minutes a day at home. As I lost weight I gained energy and became more active which in turn helped with further weight loss.
    I am not really sure I know exactly how I did this much weight loss, but feel that giving up the candy really helped keep my blood sugar levels pretty constant which really helps. I wasn't really ever hungry and didn't feel like I was on a 'diet' or depriving myself, just practicing moderation. I think I was in some kind of 'zone' - but don't know either how I got there or how I stayed there - and it felt so good; I can't seem to find it again. UGH!
    Beginning about 2003 ( when I began Culinary school) I began gaining weight again - I think probably from stress eating - it's hard to return to college as a mature adult ( I received my BA in 1970). I have since regained the 45 I lost plus 5...ugly! I am anxious to find the 'zone' I was in before and lose weight again.
    I congratulate and admire those of you who are trying to and actually losing weight. Keep up your good work - whatever works for you...stay the course; it's worth it. Good luck!
  • I wish I had some pearls of wisdom for you, but I too adore food. I ride a Harley and instead of "Live to Ride, Ride to Live" my motto is "Live to Ride, Ride to Eat". But recently Ive been told by my doctor to lower my cholesterol and lose some pounds. She gave me a list of foods to avoid and I made a joke that it looked like my shopping list. So I wish you luck and Im going to check in to this blog to see what others have to say for tips on weight loss and maybe Ill learn something too. I have to say that being in the industry is murder on dieters. :)
  • Okay- so Now I've lost 20 punds. The last few from a fast I did over the wekend. Water only for 1 day, then fruit and fruit juices on day 2 and veggie juice and raw veggies on day 3. By day 4 I was starving!!!! Hope I don't gain it all back at the NRA- I am trying to control my urges. Plus I'm headed to a wine and Italian food event in Seattle this evening. Wooo nelly.
  • I dig the personality of your blog. I recently had a thyroid problem and need to lose about 15#. Maybe we can have a FohBoh biggest loser competition! I love food and beer that's my problem.
  • Kathleen, I don't know anything about weight loss because I never seem to lose any. I don't gain it either, probably because I often skip breakfast, sometimes lunch and often end up grazing on crackers and cheese for dinner. So, starvation works at least for maintenance.

    Kudos to you for doing the diet thing, go for it, we're behind you. If you get the urge to open the fridge, sit down and post on FohBoh instead... maybe the distraction will help!
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