BREAKING NEWS......BREAKING NEWS......After six years of speculation, rumors, and being bored with life Cindi D is back in college!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!Alright, apparently, I am Miss Procrastination! Took well, 6 years off when it was supossed to be a quarter from OSU, whoops! Well, duh I am an Aries afterall. Today, I had a wonderful meeting with an advisor from Franklin University, here in Columbus where I will continue my education!My semester will start in August! Each semester runs 6 weeks, I have one actual class an everything else is online. I'm going for communications, and so excited!! The OSU hospitality degree wouldn't be much to me, because of all of my Thomas and King experience. Especially those 20 hours a week working at the OSU restaurant, for no money and probably myself correcting everyone anyway. Hell, I saved OSU some time and probably a headache or two.Once I graduate, I'm hoping to head up a training department somewhere, Thomas and King, or as big as Microsoft! How many of you are as frustrated as I am calling about a problem, and then talking to a dumbass?Well I am going to train the DUMBASSES, not to be DUMBASSES, and the world will be a better place.Bill Gates and I will be super homies, and every new edition of Microsoft I will hook you up with!!!
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  • Ha, ha... I love it... good luck, Cindi, and kick some college butt while you're at it!
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