This past Sunday, our local pastor rolled this off her tongue as she was discussing our connection to a higher power and it struck me as pertinent to some of the business world out there.I have heard these a lot lately……how about you?This recession is killing us…..Some people just complain to get a free meal….People are spending a lot less…..I am in a tough labor pool and it’s hard to find good people…..This generation doesn’t have a strong work ethic…..I have had to cut back in costs to make more money….When you think about it, success or getting out of the status quo is really just a paradigm shift from the phrases above. Reframe some of those negative thoughts to:I sure am glad I control my own destiny in today’s changing world….!For every guest that walks in I get a chance to have them come back again with our awesome food and service….!My training has to be awesome to get the check average up…..!I am so lucky to be able to develop the great people that work here….!Our employees will do anything when I make this a fun place to work….!For every time I get a guest to come back I double my money on them….!Try those on for size and see what happens to your business environment. Which person would you want to work for? Which restaurant do you think would perform better?You CAN choose your attitude and decide not to be in the status quo and be a change agent for your guests and employees. If you chose to be great, it is inevitableJoin us in the Leadership group for more cool tips for being a great leader!
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  • Nothing is an uncomfortable as riding the mood elevator down.
    Declining moods breed stress,conflict and unwillingness to listen.
    Andy, you are correct by suggesting that the "up" buttons need to be pushed "Higher" moods generate the positive energy which always leads to positive results.
  • Andy,
    It's so random that I just read your post, and Diana and I were having a discussion yesterday about how are lunches lately have been less than sub par.
    I think in the economic state that our country is in, and a lot of us are realizing that we can't wait on business to come to us, we need to go out and get it! With that last statement being said, we need to go out and recruit the best people, and stay involved in the communities so our name is out there! I try to make it a point to network, network, network...potential guests, and potential new employees!!!! Thanks for an awesome post!!!
  • Jeffrey is 100% right!!!!

    I think I have my next blog that a lot of people won't comment on.....

    I spend a majority of my time developing my top 20% of performers because they give me the majority of the great results we are able to achieve. I root out non-performers and send them on their way. The middle performers certainly get some time....but the 80/20 rule applies all over life.

    Many of the leaders wrongly directed spend most of their time getting the non-performers to get to average when they could be getting their performers to awesome levels.

    Maybe my next blog or discussion should be....Are you a viewer in lifer or a commenter?
  • True. About the 80-/20 rule. There are a few of us that post/create content for others to read. Which is fine. Not all of us post.

    I go nuts when things stay the same. I am always trying to push the limits (and not get fired at the same time) and be creative in delivering my training. You have to reinvent yourself. I use what Andy/Amanda and others post on here to look inward and change. (If you two are looking for a fee, I will cook you dinner! for your services.)

    Overall, like Jeffery said please are happy with the place in life that they have. It's a known constant. Nothing wrong with that. I know that I do not want to be in the same place.

    Plus the way I look at it, is at the end of your life you are either going to have a boring Obituary or a really cool one!

    I want the cool one!
    I do this to be remembered, create fun/opportunity for others, create friends and so many other reasons!
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