Dear FohBohites! FohBoh will be exhibiting at the NRA show in Chicago in May and we'd love to meet FohBoh members who attend. Come see us at booth #5769. We would also like to plan a meet-up and we'll announce the time and location closer to the event to meet folks outside the Tech Pavilion. We hope you will drop us a comment to suggest great venues to meet. Also, if you are interested in working with FohBoh in some way, this would be a great time to meet us in person to discuss your ideas. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you! Ted, Michael and the FohBoh Team
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  • Don't forget to stop by Southern Wine and Spirits for a great end to your day! Enjoy!
  • It's titled "Impactful Local Store Marketing for Restaurants." I'll likely go beyond that topic or at least discuss the relationship between LSM and Operations, Employees and Social Media.
  • Dean,

    Where is your specific session?

  • Just kidding..sorta
  • 10 am?
    What are you, a farmer?
  • I'll be speaking at NRA on Monday, 10 am. on local store marketing, public relations, social media and the relationship between marketing and operations. We'll cover a great deal in 90 minutes. And I'll be joined by my good friend, Shane Thompson, founder of Shane's Rib Shack, a restaurant founder, proprietor, franchisee and part of a portfolio company. Shane will have all kinds of interesting points of view. Join us if you're at NRA.
  • Yes! Check out blog post
  • Looking forward to meeting up at NRA! Has the meet-up time and place been announced yet? I'll be there Sunday-Tuesday.
  • I will be there at the NRA and will make a point of stopping by. I work for DayMark Safety and we're currently looking for ways to offer free safety information to the restaurant industry. Any way to give FOHBOH some help, while working with us could be beneficial.
  • I might have my production team for a period of time there on the 19th and would like to come by the booth, I will be doing this hopefully early before the big crowds anyone game ?
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