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Hello everyone, my name is Kathleen. I have been in the restaurant biz for about fifteen years now. I have done practically everything it entails. Foh, Boh, I have washed dishes, fry cook, salad girl, line cook, server, bartender. I have also independently catered numerous music festivals. People actually have stopped to copy my menu, commenting on its extensive, yet simplictic style. I am very proud of my veggie chili, and my "not yet famous chicken wings". I also offer a wide array of of items depending on the season( I cater bianually). Currently my full time job is as a server at a fine dining restaurant. We have live entertainment every night. It is a great place to work . I would love to someday open my own establishment. I am not quite sure, be it a pub, breakfast & lunch, or fine dining, any suggestions?
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  • Hey Kathleen, we're all newbies at one time or another. But as a restaurant biz veteran for fifteen years, you're anything but a newbie in my book!

    As far as what kind of establishment you want to open, none of us here is going to know any better than you yourself. What do you love most? What kind of food do you love the most? What are you most passionate about?

    Figure out those things first, and then avenues should present themselves. Before you start a business, I recommend you read Danny Meyer's book "Setting the Table". Danny Meyer is the owner of the Union Square Restaurant Group in NYC. This book is excellent. In is a business book with all kinds of wonderful principles to build your business around. It's a restaurant industry book because it relates the trials and tribulations and great successes he went through as a restaurant owner starting and growing his business in NYC. And it's a book about passion for hospitality, which in this cutthroat dog eat dog industry, you absolutely need to keep yourself sane and mindful of always doing the right thing for your guests, your employees, and your stakeholders.

    Best of luck to you and if I can help or be of assistance to you in any way at all, please don't hesitate to give me a shout!

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