FohBoh is thrilled to announce that it has hired Diane Cohn as VP Community Development starting April 1, 2008. Diane brings her passion for and experience with community management, having worked successfully at Apple managing its worldwide user group community. Last year she was one of Reno, Nevada's top producing Realtors®, and is one of the country's most recognized and prolific real estate bloggers (see her Reno Realty Blog). And yes, she is married to co-founder, Ted Cohn; so no hitting on her! Michael passes the torch reluctantly, but confidently, to Diane. She will be reaching out to members to get to know the community, and she will be responsible for enhancing the FohBoh user experience, both online and offline. So don't be shy, feel free to reach out to her with questions, comments and feedback. Welcome aboard, Diane! . The FohBoh Team
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  • Welcome Diane! Look forward to seing good thing to come!
  • Judy, my big advice to you, and the world, is to never buy a first generation Apple product (seriously, go for rev 2. I was on the inside. I know...)

    Steve, LOL, I can't wait to tame you!

    Adam, you points whore, stop it now... and, oooooh, can I come to Portland for the weekend? (Don't tell Ted!)

    Michael, you're just excited about that concept called... what is it? Oh yeah, delegation. (Am I fired yet?)

    Nathan, I've heard about you... can't wait to hear more (wink, wink).

    Amanda, you're a rock star on this site, and I will be calling you, trust me.

    Tracy, thanks. But come on, what's your real story???

    Andy, hmmmm..... what do you mean by pleasure each day? I must know. Tell me more.

    Dan & Matt, thank you!
  • Fabulous! Love the announcement. Congratulations, Diane. Since you're not with Apple anymore, would you be offended if I switched to a Toshiba?
  • Good luck girl!
    Looks like you got the Lewis and Clark job.
    Mapping out the wild west, then trying to tame it.
    We won't submit without a fight!

    Just kidding...Congrat's
  • Congrats and welcome. This will be a lot of fun!
  • PS: What's her p-mail so I can send her an invite to join so I can get the 5k in points! heheehh
  • Congrats and welcome! Love to help out in Portland Oregon! I think we need a convention too! How about Reno/Vegas in January!
  • Boy, am I happy about this!! Welcome Diane.
  • Hello Diane :) Looking forward to working with you
  • WOOO!!! HOOOO!!! Awesome, let me know if there's anything I can do to help!
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