Restaurant + Technology Vendor Page

We are keenly aware of the technology-driven transformation of the foodservice industry. What's leading this? Smart technologists? You bet.

Industry professionals are seeking new ways to become more efficient, relevant, connected and engaged to remain competitive in a world powered by conversation. They need to hear about all the new products and services being offered to all 960,000 restaurants. But, how do you rise about the noise and be heard in a big hard to crack and competitive market?

Because FohBoh is deeply embedded in the foodservice industry and our community matters and we are a trusted resource - across the entire food chain - and because we are positioned at the intersection of food + technology we have become a launching pad for these new exciting technologies.

So, in response to this shift in adoption, we now bring our un-biased opinions and recommendations in an interactive showcase for foodservice technology providers.

If you are solving a foodservice/restaurant industry problem with your technology, we want to know about it. If you are a tech vendor seeking an audience, we want to know about you.

How to Begin:

Step 1: Join FohBoh and create a personal and a business profile

Step 2: Join and/or start relevant groups, we have hundreds of them

Step 3: Call us about Social Media Marketing Plans

Step 4: Have a voice in the foodservice community and be heard!