FOHBuzz SnapShot Instructions

FOHBuzz is a simple way for you to monitor, manage, measure your social media presence online.

Our FOHBuzz SnapShot report is meant to give you an overview of not only your social media presence, but also your online reviews and a SEO evaluation. To arrive at our FOHBuzz score, we have developed a complex algorithm derived from hundreds of components. We take in to account reviews, content that you post on your social sites, the frequency in which you post content, sentiment analysis, natural language processing and SEO evaluation to provide you with a FOHBuzz score that allows you to bench mark yourself against competitors in the social media space.  

The following will guide you through a sample report divided into four sections. Please contact us at Contact for more information.

Start here with a simple form that continues on the next page. The more details we have, be more complete your FOHBuzz SnapShot will be.


Section 1

In the first section of our report, you’ll find a review of your local search optimization. We take a deep dive in to the most influential sites that folks will use to find your business. Now-a-days when folks search for a new restaurant through Google, Bing or any other search engine, they typically find a business listing. Most folks get your restaurant’s address, hours, reviews and phone number from these listing without the need to visit your website. If you have not claimed these listings and provide correct information, prospective guests can receive mis-information about your restaurant.  Your listings and social profiles are a reflection of your business and if information is incorrect it will cause guests to have a negative reaction to your business. This section shows you what sites you have listings on that are not claimed and how many times your business comes up in searches for restaurants in your area. At the end of our report we offer steps to improve these numbers and results, but more on that later. 

Also in section 1, you will also find information on how your local listing compared to local competing restaurants. In the future we hope to be able to offer you the option to choose which restaurants you want to be compared with. For now, we scrape the top 5 sites above and competitors are based on top performers based in the city your location in is.  


Section 2


In section 2 we explore your ratings on review sites compared to your local competitors. We aggregate hundreds of reviews and provide you with an average rating. The “new” ratings are in the last 30 days.  And we offer you the last 5 reviews you’ve received, their ratings and links to visit the actual review if you wish to respond and engage. If you obtain a subscription of these reports you will always be aware of your most recent reviews and their scores. The competitors in this section are again based on an evaluation of the restaurants in your area with the highest scores.


Section 3

In section 3 “total buzz,” we explore your overall presence on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. While it is not required that you provide the links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your scores will be more accurate if you do so. If not, we use the restaurant name and address to obtain a Facebook page; this could end up being a places page if are not given a URL to your brand’s fan page.


Section 4

Lastly, section 4 is a custom list of recommendations on steps to take to improve your overall FOHBuzz score, SEO presence and enable you to bypass your competitors on the social web. When these first five steps are completed your FOHBuzz SnapShot will fill in 5 more recommendations for you and so on. If you subscribe to these reports you will always be provided with fresh content to improve your scores.