FOHBuzz SnapShot® - Reputation Management Simplified


True statement!

So, welcome to FOHBuzz SnapShot®, the first and only "Crowd-Sourced Social Media Shopping Flash Report" card that provides three immediate and primary real time benefits to any restaurant operator (1) On-demand snapshot report and a social score of your guest’s satisfaction rating at any restaurant location today; (2) On-demand snapshot of how well your social media strategy and social media marketing efforts are working…your social media report card; and (3) what to do about it.

FOHBuzz is a powerful reputation management engine, tuned for the restaurant industry, that scours the social web for the latest mentions about your restaurant brand at a specific location. Then, a detailed report is emailed within hours, not weeks, that you can then share with others.

FOHBuzz subscription delivers a monthly snapshot report detailing how your social media activities have impacted your business and what your local competition is doing too.

Know you social media guest satisfaction score, or FOHBuzz Score, for any single restaurant location.

FOHBuzz is available for chains as well, offers a consolidated or unit-level roll-up view by system, region or group.

  • Any restaurant
  • Any chain
  • Any region
  • Any franchise
  • Any competitor
  • Anytime

Pricing - FREE FOR 30 DAYS

Then, just $10 per per month (33¢ a day) thereafter. It's sent to you automatically to view and share with your team. Because conversations never stop, receiving FOHBuzz each month can act as an early warning system that can help you analyze guest satisfaction trends.

Pricing for chain-wide roll-ups and reports that offer group, franchise, regional or competitive views are available for an additional fee.

Additional FOHBuzz SnapShot™ report types that will be made available to Restaurant brand will include:
(A) Single report for a single restaurant for a single location
(B) Chain-wide brand roll-up report, including all locations
(C) Regional and State-wide reports
(D) Competitive reports
(E) Benchmarking reports; compare your industry, brand by location, segment and sub-segment
(F) Franchisee, franchisee group and franchise system reports

Once we have the data, we can generate any number of reports and send them to the owner, operator, agency, manager, regional manager or CEO – on-demand – or by subscription; weekly or monthly. Ad hoc reporting and social media analyst’s interpretation will also be available, with access to richer content, including the names and contact information of those guests that do comment.

FOHBuzz is where you begin collecting key advocates and activating them…even more powerful for staying ahead of your customers, and your competitors.

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