I remember 10 years ago hearing that the future involved us paying for stuff via cell phone. I couldn't begin to even fathom that as even having a cell phone was relatively new at the time. Now we have all kinds of fancy doodle apps that can identify a song for us or even quasi-diagnose and illness.

Restaurant staff have to deal with all kinds of discounts as restaurants struggle for business in this tough economy. Now, enter the mobile apps. Foursquare deals, Scoutmob deals (coming soon to city near you), and more down the road.

One of the newest is SWAGG, a FREE mobile app that lets users manage all their gift cards in one place. They simply enter the information into the app which tracks balances and users can even pay with it.

Do you welcome this service, or does it seem like a hassle?


More info about SWAGG is here:

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