You can find tons of reports that alcohol can affect your body system, and it’s true that too much alcohol is harmful. You can also find many doctors who say that anti-oxidants in alcohol can be beneficial inmoderation and some doctors say that alcohol should be avoided all together.

That’s what learn2Serve’s TABC Certification teaches to bartenders and bar operators that what quantity of alcohol they should serve to their customers, it gives you knowledge andtechniques that you need to become a responsible alcohol seller and serve. TABC Certificationteaches you that how you can save your self and your bar from any liability andhow can alcohol affect your customers. By taking online TABC certificationcourse you’ll understand that how alcohol can intoxicate your customers and howcan you prevent it.

In selling and serving alcohol it’s necessary that you should know how to intervene your customer before selling and serving alcohol to your customer and how you can refuse a sale if you find a customer underage.

Learn2Serve also offers Texas food handlers course which is recommended to all food industry employees, this Texas Department of State Health Services approved courseteaches students the implementation of safe food handling practices at theirrestaurant, bar, motel or hotel.

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