Restaurant "Dirty Jobs" Training Online? This is so cool.

You wouldn't believe how many restaurants are producing their own in-house training video!  Simple cameras, simple editing, and upload.  Blam!  Front, Back, and in this case.. the not so glamorous of tasks.. I LOVE that this restaurant took the time to produce this.  Clearly not a replacement for hands-on training, but a solid strategy to streamline the process.

Do you think in-house video could help your restaurant's training efforts?

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  • Great video but please don't wash things in the ally or parking lot. it pollutes our environment. 

  • Been producing short in-house videos for an assortment of repetitive tasks commonly shared by staff. Easy to do and brings consistency to product presentation and service. It also allows for training supplement for home study with new hires. Also valuable for rolling out new products, procedures and systems in advance of coming online with the operation.

    We've also used our own videos to promote products/services with our we engage customers via the usual social media outlets.

    You are so right, James,  about the simplicity of the newest technologies to create your own videos.

  • It's good; it's consistent; the woman is extremely friendly.  The dishwashing is far more thorough than we used to do.  We never used a manual pre-rinse with a sponge, just washed off the food particles and ran the dishes through the washer.  The washer in the video must be different, though it looks fairly standard because our units did a wash cycle and then a rinse cycle, taking about 5 minutes, not 90 seconds.  

  • Well, I think it's a good idea! Instead of repeating the same things over and over ...

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