Starting or managing a business in today’s high tech world has become more competitive than ever, and in the midst of this economy, there are risks and threats that must be addressed. For example, internal employee theft is now a 20 billion dollar a year industry. With today’s advanced software, you can integrate new or existing video camera systems with your Point-of-Sale (POS) software to insure accuracy, and that the software accomplishes what it is programmed to do.  Your POS system is only as good as the accuracy of the data that goes into it. Your system can actually be counterproductive if your employees are ringing up purchases intentionally wrong and/or stealing from the company. When this is happening, your POS system will actually recommend that you purchase more in the coming months of supplies and inventory that will either be stolen or priced inappropriately. This completely negates the POS system! Now, on a positive note, if you have an employee that is shining above all the rest, the integrated video can be used to educate others using the “best practices” approach to training. This integration can also help your bottom-line through inventory control and time card management. A good security company takes a business management consulting approach when working with clients on these types of solutions.

As a business owner, concepts such as:

  • Reduction in operating expenses
  •  Increased revenue on the front-end
  •  Tracking employee and overall efficiency
  • Minimization of risks and insurance costs and
  • Inventory Control

are all important to on-going business planning. Security dealers can optimize these with creative solutions using non-traditional methods. Remote video surveillance can be a back up to traditional burglar systems. Cameras have increased in quality and resolution and electronic storage has become so cost effective that this is more of a viable supplement to your existing security than ever before.  Furthermore, with the advent of vision based algorithms, the industry now has what is referred to as video analytics. These are quickly growing in popularity, and there are many applications for them to help you grow your company and provide added safety features for your business or residence. Analytics can be programmed to look for pre-determined events that cause a trigger and then alert you via your computer and/or cell phone. These are referred to as ‘live analytics’. Some examples include open doors, motion in selected areas, and missing objects. These have real world applications when monitoring any type of facility or home and mitigate human error. Your cameras and the pc-based DVR essentially become the brain and eyes helping you with your security needs.  There are also ‘post-analytics’ that allow you to sort through the vast memory banks to seek out particular events that may be of concern or require acknowledgment. In either case, the applications here are endless.

Everyone knows that technology can give a business a competitive advantage. You can stay on top with new, creative, and innovative solutions from your security dealer.

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