Guest Check Presenters

I am looking for some free guest check folders. Used to get them from any of the CC companies, now i am told only AM X does it free. Anyone had luck elsewhere. My MC & Visa fees are over $50K annually. Tom

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  • Hi Tom... You are correct that AMEX is the only company currently offering free check presenters.  If you are currently paying $50k per year for your processing, then you are either doing an incredibly hi-volume business (congrats!) or, your current Credit Card Processor is overcharging you (Booo).  If you allow us to examine your current arrangement, I will offer you our meet, beat or Pay you $500 Cash Offer.  We have a promotion going on for all FohBoh users:  We will meet or beat your current processing rates OR Pay you $500 Cash! Guaranteed, No Questions Asked!  PLUS, I will throw in those Check Presenters you are asking about! We are restaurant specific and have many robust solutions from POS to Gateway to mobile...come and check us out, what do you have to loose???

  • Tom we feel your pain. A good part of that expense is attributed to servers bringing countless check presenters home and leaving them there. We make a product called the Waiter Wallet. Not only does it help organize waiters and make a more professional presentation to your guests, it also ends up saving you a lot of money in lost check presenters. We will be exhibiting at the NRA show this week in Chicago (booth 1384). If you're in town, please come by and check out our products. We also have a website that can give you a more information about the Waiter Waiter (

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