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    Customer Etiquette

    2 Broke Girls.... my fave TV restaurant sitcom.

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  • I laughed my ass off!  I don't think a server could get away with this, but should!  I've waited on many grumpy/asshole customers in my day.  If I could have gotten away with something like this, I would have.

  • Hahaha! I think her chewing the gum so obnoxiously is throwing me off. I also agree with Emerald, that you always keep your opinions to yourself until you get to the waiter station haha, then you and the other waiters/waitresses can make fun of them. Being a waiter isn't easy though, it just takes that 1 day were your just soooo fed up with everything that one snive remark would cause any waiter to flip a lid or say something mean in a rebuttal.


  • That's too funny! I think we all know the reality though. As much as everyone who has ever worked in a restaurant would LOVE to try and pull that off, we know we can't.

    I guess we can just all live vicariously through that scene. :)

  • 2 Broke Girls is a show that I watch weekly, but I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. This particular scene was hilarious, however, this would never happen in a real situation.  As a server, there have been times when I had wanted to say something in response to a rude comment from a customer, but like Emerald says, it's always best to keep quiet.  In my experience, there is always going to be someone who will complain for any reason, and you can't let it get to you because for every person who complains or is rude, there's someone who truly appreciates your service.

  • Hi Reed! What a coincidence...I posted this scene on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. While I think that this is beyond hilarious and I wish I could have said this a time or two in my waitressing career, it shouldn't be applauded in any restaurant other than one in a scripted world. I am one of the biggest advocates of customer service, it can make or break any experience and can be the point of difference between you and a competitor. Yes, batty old ladies are quite a handful to deal with and can be extremely particular, but we're professionals aren't we? The proper response is to smile in their face and talk badly about them in the wait station. ;) 

    • I think you make an excellent point, Emerald, about servers venting their frustrations out of sight and earshot of guests. Norm also reiterates the point in his comment and I agree that sometimes it is absolutely necessary though it can be dangerous. I remember one time, after a particularly rude comment by a guest, I turned away and dramatically rolled my eyes not remembering that the dining room was surrounded by mirrors and the guest could see me from every angle. As I recall there was quite a lot of backtracking and damage repair that had to be done after that. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

      • no, thank god! I'm sure that situation was stressful and the guest automatically has the upper hand.. Its always a lose-lose situation when it comes to this i feel.


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