DIY Food Photography

I am convinced that with practice and a bit of creativity, almost anyone can take a great picture using a fairly inexpensive digital camera. I took a bunch of shots of the food at my restaurant, and while I'll stop short of saying that they are amazing, I will say that my employer was absolutely overjoyed with the results. The point is, I have no formal training. I just love to be creative.

There is time and place for professional photography (as well as a price). However, there is also a huge unmet need for visual content, and there aren't enough paid photographers in the world to fill it. So, get your camera, brush up on your technique, and start taking pictures.

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  • Another great article with plenty of links.
  • I am a professional portrait photographer and have found that with a good understanding of composition, lightening and keeping in mind that you want the plate to look can do anything. I usually take all of my food shots near a window to get the most natural light possible. Pay close attention to everything in the shot (forground and background noise). Make the entire shot tell a picture, not just the food on the plate. Give it the atmosphere you are trying to create in your website or business appearance. Also, look at your favorite product companies and study their shots. The more you see that you like the easier it will be to accomplish that in your own photos. If anyone is in need of help, let me know. I would be glad to help teach and direct you to accomplish your goal. You can go to my profile and view my companies website. All the photos on that site I have taken.
  • Here is a food photography photographers blog that discusses different techniques and tips for the DYI food photographer:
  • Here's another article for DIY

    How To Create Better Food Photographs Part 2

    I took all these pictures with a point and shoot Kodak easy share camera. Most of them just before the plate goes out to our guests.
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