Business-To-Business Deals for Restaurants

So, here's the question...if there was a way to save money on food, supplies, smallwares and equipment by opting-in to a group buying club here on FohBoh, would you?


Commodity prices are climbing. The reality is, saving money is a strategy and Groupon is great for consumers. While operators may not like the notion of couponing and discounting, you have to admit, it's changing how the consumer purchases. Put your consumer hat on since at the end of the day, we are ALL consumers.


So, why not offset the cost of discounting by finding deals for your restaurant that effectively reduce your costs of goods?


In connection with this, please take this very short survey and pass it along to as many restaurant operators, managers, executives, managers, etc. that you know. The more information we have, the more likely we will consider adding or partnering with a "deals" engine and level the playing field, again.


I'll share the results once we have 100 operators weigh in. Please socialize this to as many restaurant operators, managers, regional managers, Director of Operations, CEO's, CFO,s purchasing get the picture. 




Thank you.

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