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I have no idea why, but I really enjoy food related trivia.So I've decided to start a thread here, where we can all post food trivia questions and answers.I'll start with the seafood category.#1The largest lobster pound in the world is located in what world reknowned bay?(Bonus.....Name the specific island)#2If you see me kissing a cod, what island am I likely on?#3Of all the molluscan shellfish, which is the only one that actually swims?#4Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian maritimes, is famous for four things;Potatoes, Anne of Green Gables, Lobster and WHAT?#5Decades ago, as an experiment, Soviet Marine Biologists took this large Crustacean from the North Pacific and tranplanted it to the Barents Sea, where today it has become a very valuable fishery. What is it?These are fairly tough questions, Good Luck!

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  • Too baby seal clubbing away from a perfect score....
    • The correct answer was PEI mussels by the way.
  • #1 Bay of Fundy, Grand Manan
    #2 Newfoundland
    #3 Scallop
    #4 Killing of baby harp seals
    #5 King Crab
    • LOL Andy
      Bay of Fundy yes, and really close, but DEER ISLAND, not Grand Manan
      NFLD, correct
      Scallp is right'
      PEI fishermen are hardly involved, that's the Newfie's who club the rats with fins. Reminds me of that ditz Heather Mills taking Paul McCartney to PEI to fight the sealing and he's on the phone with the NFLD Premiere, telling him, "I'm here, I'm here!" He thought he was in NFLD!!!
      King Crab is correct

      4 out of 6, you win the prize!!
  • 1. Bay of Fundy (Halls Harbour)
    2. Cape Cod
    3. Blue eyed Scallop
    4. ?
    5. ?
    ( all guesses)
    • 2 of 5 correct
      Bonus question incorrect
  • 1. Chesapeake
    2. Martha's Vineyard
    5.King Crab
  • OK, these are guesses....
    #1. Chesapeake Bay
    #2. Prince Edward Island
    #3 Shrimp
    #4 Atlantic Cod
    #5 King Crab
    • You got one of the answers correct
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