How much do you tip? What do you base your tip on?

This is a pretty general question... when you're at a restaurant, what do you base your tip on?- waitress/waiter?- food?- service?- restaurant interior?- restaurant class?5%, 10%, 15%, 20% ????Do you tip more because you are in the food service industry?

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  • I'm a server for a busy brunch restaurant and we have the option of adding gratuity to a party of 6 or more. I don't do it. Why? Because I provide the best possible service I can, and if I fail, I will take my lumps. Granted there are people out there who do not know how to tip, or how to give gratitude - but that's not my problem. My goal is to provide you with excellent service regardless of who or what state of tip-lessness you're in. As I am sure you all have, I have worked with some folk that think they are entitled to everything yet do a shit job.  The title of server does not mean you are automatically entitled to that percentage, you have to earn it and if you're shit at your job you get what you deserve.

  • After reading  a lot of your articles, my view you are your own worst enemy and by your comments, not too many of you are professionals,

    First of all. most good restaurants are good, the others, are mediocre to bad, they all charge differnt prices and the quality varies, and you should choose properly, in regards to service or tipping, when you pay for a meal, it includes all services, which means all cooking and serving, waiters made more money when tipping was not compulsary, then some idiot made a law that tipping is compulsary, since then service died. You talk about 10% 15% 20% up to 30%, tipping, in other words the diner pays the full price for his meal which includes service, then you expect more, NO I am not against tipping, that was a priviledge between diners and wait staff and 100% of the tip, belonged to the waiter/s, Now the amount that you state is stupid, Aperson spends $1,000,000 dollars to build a restaurant, hires and pays staff, in the hope that he can clear 25% on his investment and you work there and expect up to 30% you are in looloo land, and from what I saw most of you dont deserve 5%, so what you give, is not a good guide. Giuseppe  

  • Yes, I think I tip more than average because I am in the food industry
  • Always 20%, 30% if the service is great, 10% if it's not good. I always tip since wages are so low.
  • I tip based primarily on the service provided by the wait staff. If the food is just not good it is not the server's fault, but if it comes out to the table cold or the server keyed the wrong item then it becomes a tip reducing factor.

    When I tip I only tip in full dollar amounts and generally it is the next full dollar amount above 20% or better for great service. I never tip less than 10% because I know that most establishments either tax the server's check on a minimum and/or the server's has to tip out to bussers, bar, runners, etc.
  • Many restaurants include the tip on the check, especially if the party is six or more people.
    generally in NY it's 18%. You should base the tip on the service.
  • All of the above. Generally 15-20% based on the service. I do tip more or consistently higher because I am in the industry but I am also far more critical.
  • always tip 15% and if the service is good....
  • I always tip based on service. If the service is exceptional, I tip 20-25%. If it's average, 15-20%, and if it's pathetic, 10-15%. But never, ever do I walk out without tipping! Being in the industry as long as I have definitely plays a part in my tipping.
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