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We all hope everyone will enjoy FohBoh and help us build an great community. Our technology helps us do that, but it isn't perfect. Let us know what irks, annoys or irritates you. Others may feel the same way. We'll see if we can address your concerns in a future release. But please be kind as we're brand spankin' new and overloaded already pumping out features and content. We aim to please!

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  • Hi Keith, our hosting provider Ning also suggests that you check out for help. I hope that upgrading to IE7 will solve your trouble. Visual C++ is a Microsoft/browser issue, not a website problem. Good luck and sorry I could not be of greater assistance.
  • Hi Carol, Glad you like FohBoh! We expect it will get even better over time as more people join and contribute great content.

    Thanks for your feedback on privacy and content access. We wanted to create an open forum for the industry, but innocent bystanders (via Google or other means) are also welcome to come and learn about it and contribute. We didn't start FohBoh to necessarily emulate Facebook, although it is certainly a highly successful horizontal social network. FohBoh is more by you and for you, than about you, focusing on the subject matter of the restaurant industry.

    That said, you can adjust privacy options on blogs, photos and video you publish on FohBoh. For example, you can set whether everyone or just your friends on FohBoh can view a blog post you write. What we might consider in the future is a third privacy level for FohBoh members only which would exclude non-members and search engines. However, there is no realistic way to screen members to know if they are truly associated with the restaurant industry.

    The best way to keep discussions private is to create a group that is by invitation only. That way all content and discussions within it cannot be read by non-members or search engines.
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