Good Burger...

Any recommendations for a great burger around st.petersburg, fl or anywhere else that is a must try?I will be vacationing there soon and I often get sucked into tourist traps with sub-par food and poor service.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!Everyone have a great weekend!

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  • The best burger for the buck is from Five Guys Bugers and Fries. For under $15.00 for two people you will get unlimited peanuts, great burgers and enough great fries to feed four people. Backyard Burgers re als very good. Both are national chains.
  • 5 years ago, the answer would have been Jimmy Mac's, just across the bay at Gandy and Westshore. They mowed it down for a super marina/condo mcsomething...that guess what? now a plowed lot and nothing more.

    They had thee best burgers in the bay area, hands down.

    What's your budget for the must try places? There's a lot of them, with varying price points.
    • LOL
      I saw March and thought this was a recent post...not a year old!!!
      Ha ha was it?
  • Have you been here yet..St. Petersburg that is?
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