What cookbook are you currently reading?

I am reading "When French Women Cook" by Madeline Kamman. I love to read cookbooks that go into the history of the author or the process etc. What I like about this book are her descriptions. She goes into so much detail that it literally makes my mouth water. So what are you reading right now and how do you like it?

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  • I'm reading and experimenting with Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn. After this one I am taking the monumental dive into the Culinaria series. I recently found France, Spain, Germany and Greece in a used book store for less that $10 each. Well worth looking into. Here's a link to Culinaria United States. You can find more cuisines linked through there.
  • "Take a Thousand Eggs or more..." by Cindy Renfro. A compilation of 15th century recipes in both their original text as well as translated. Really interesting reading.
  • Just finished reading the Atlanta Cooks at Home Cookbook - it's a delightful read featuring some of Atlanta's top chefs
  • I really enjoyed Culinary Artistry (Dornenburg & Page) and am almost done with Becoming a Chef (same authors). I love the information and the learning from experiences they detail. The Artistry book is a really useful tool for those of us who are not so adept at flavor combos. Just can't say enough positive things about these 2 books. "Try them, you'll like them Mikey"!
  • I like a book called culinary artistry. It's less like a cook book and more of a tool. It gives you the freedom to experiment.
  • im reading morimotos new book its really cool but some of the food dosent work out side of NYC here in orlando you can not find some of the ingreidents locally so not haveing much luck
    • I agree on all counts. A beautiful work, but without much applicability away from a few major cities; particularly for the home cook.

      You think Orlando is bad? Try central Kentucky for ingredients and tools. You know how celebrity chefs are always saying, "available everywhere?" Well "everywhere" just doesn't include central Kentucky.

      Just for giggles I opened it at random. Striped Bass Vongole is the recipe that appears. It looks and sounds incredibly delicious. But among the things it calls for that aren't available 'round heah:

      Sashimi-quality striped bass (or any striped bass, for that matter, unless you catch your own)
      Manila clams.

      Mussels are available. But the quality is spotty at best.
  • As a cookbook reviewer I get covered up with them; which is OK, as I'm one of those crazy people who reads cookbooks the way others read novels. Here are a few I've read recently that I particularly liked:

    1. Yum! Tasty Recipes From Culinary Greats (Julia Pitkin, editor).
    2. Whole Grain Breads (Peter Rhinehart).
    3. Where Flavor Was Born (Andreas Viestad).
    4. American Masala (Suvir Saran).

    I've just started reading The North African Kitchen (Fiona Dunlap). So far it seems like a good read. But I haven't made any of the dishes from it, yet, so have no real opinion yet.
  • How about John Thorne: he of Simple Food, Serious Pig, etc..fame. A lot of information and extremely well written. One other is Jim Harrison's book of essays, the name of which escapes me at the moment..while not exclusively about food and cuisine it has a large section devoted to them. Many years ago I picked up a facsimile copy of "Housekeeping in Old Virginia" by M. C. Tyree. (Originally published in 1887) Very interesting..all sorts of techniques that have fallen out of our lexicon. Most for good reason. Some though, like homemade sauerkraut, home cured bacon, home brewed..uh..beverages are intriguing. I roasted a pig according to her (his?) instructions and it turned out great..
  • Hello Will iams,
    I have read all of Bourdains books and love em! Two other informative books that I have read were Charlie Trotters "Lessons in excellence" and "Lessons in service". Both were very good. I always recommend "Lessons in service " to all the FOH.
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