Hooters Undercover.

Did anyone see the show on CBS last night called Undercover Boss. It was about the CEO of Hooters and what he found by spending a week in the field doing the work of his employees. What did you think of it?

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  • I saw the episode with the CEO of 7Eleven this week and he seemed a bit detached and trying too hard for the cameras. I think some of the results of the show were because of the filming of the show rather than heart felt emotional response. Of course he was a trained West Pointer and taught to make the tough decisions without emotional consideration I guess. What do you think?
  • I love the program and how honest the CEO's have been about how far removed they have been from the operations. It is great to see these CEO's be brutally honest and sometimes embarrased but always humbled. Personally I would have fired the general manager at hooters that was making the girls eat out of the plates like a dog or deer or what ever he called it. CEO was a little to kind for that type of inappropriate behavior. I also thought the board rooms were less than professional when the CEO broke the new to the executive teams. The went from very casual, sloppy and slouchy to business suits and well groomed for the final report. Just goes to show you that is how they should present themself all the time.
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  • Hello Paul, Jimbo was fired and has been hired by another restaurant.
    • Yeah the show said he has left the company for other ventures.  we all knew what that meant.  right?  the only way he got away with that before the show is that is was a franchise and not corporate.

  • I ran a 26 store franchise for Hooters and they have a severe identity crises. Are they a restaurant or a bar? Should they play up on the sex appeal or tone it down. Until they REALLY understand and listen to exactly what they guests want and need from the brand they will waffle. You also heard in the episode about Coby's relationship with his father. I think the entire concept was held back from evolving for a decade because of his unwillingness to adapt. This dining segment is in trouble and needs to invest heavily in to existing stores and markets to survive!
  • Here's the update from Hooters after the episode aired. It was tweeted out and shared on Facebook three days after the show aired.

    Hooters: Jimbo, Marcee, Dave and Brittany & Amanda - Updates fr...
    • Jeffrey...
      Thanks for sharing this link.

  • I think this guy blew his cover.
    • That's beyond disgusting. I didn't see the episode. But from everything I've seen and read, the whole thing was as stomach-turning as this guy.
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