Drink times

What are your goals for delivering drinks to the guests? Do you have different times for alcohol and non-alcohol? Can you hit those times?

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  • alcohol away from the bar 3 minutes alcohol at the bar 1 minute and non-alcoholic anywhere in restaraunt 90 seconds after initial greet on all

  • I manage a busy bar for a major casual chain, and our standard for alcoholic amd non-alcoholic beverage delivery is two minutes.

    As far as alcoholic bev. goes, "If the first is too slow, the second is a no."
  • Hi,

    My two cents to help get this important discussion rolling:

    Alcohol = Serve only when of guest is legal drinking age and not obviously intoxicated. Obvious intoxication meaning the person looks and acts drunk.

    Non-Alcohol = As an alternative for guests who don't drink for whatever reason (pregnant, recovering alcoholic, diabetic, etc.) and for slowing/pacing guests' drinking.
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