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I came across a simple, intuitive, and cost effective web based scheduling program last week and I was curious as to how many of you would already have a program like this in place and if you dont is this something you would consider?I currently have a similar program in place in my two restuarants which allows us to post the schedule online and the staff simply visit our url to see when they are working and are able to give up shifts / take shifts (with permission), post their availbility, etc. and it works great for us.Most of the providers however are after the large operators while I think the independent or smaller restaurant operator (20 units or less) is being missed with this technology. What do you think?Thanks for your feedback.

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  • Hey Doug,

    I have been an employee scheduling consultant for a variety of industries including restaurants, hospitals, factories, call centers, you name it. I have found that EZShift's automatic scheduling software answers these needs, because not only do they have an open forum on the site where employees can stay in contact with each other, managers can stay in contact with them as well. When the shift manager publishes the schedule, they receive an email and text that the schedule has been put up. Employees post their availability on this site as well. On top of these features, they can also swap or give shifts (this requires the managers approval of course).

    Overall, the software takes your organization's needs and specifications into consideration as well as employees ranks, positions, limitations and automatically builds your schedule for you. Its impeccable rule engine eliminates mistakes and makes sure your schedule is flawless. To get more information visit the site at:

    Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.

    Hila Tabib
    Scheduling Consultant
  • We are a high volume one unit operation with just over 100 employees and we use Hot Schedules. We were a beta test for them and Digital Dining. There are still a few bugs here and there, but nothing the employees see or are aware of. Generally, I think it's been great and easily saves us time, energy and emotion involved in scheduling, filling shifts, and updating availability, let alone vacations, trades, and all of the other things that the schedule can throw at you.
  • Doug,

    I think if you dig a little bit, there are a number of solutions in this space, targeting both independent owner-operators as well as larger chain operations.

    Our solution,, for example, works quite well for independent operators (the majority of our customer base), but also has a great above-store feature set.

    There are probably about 6 - 10 companies that "compete" in the web-based scheduling market for independent restaurants, and an equivalent number for the multi-unit operators. As you go "upstream" to larger operators, the requirements and feature set begin to get very, very complex.

    Additionally, some POS platforms have decent online web based systems (and, quite frankly, some are absolutely horrendous).

    Your question confuses me a little bit though, as your URL points to, which I assume is your website, but you also own two restaurants? Busy, busy!

    Let me know if I can answer any of your questions.

    Anthony Presley - Online Labor Management
    • Thanks Anthony. Good info to know. My main gig is Empathica while my investments and interest include a couple of restaurants in Niagara Falls that my business partner runs on a daily basis.
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