Can a sauce be made in the combi oven

We are considering a 10 rack combi oven for our restaurant. And I accept how it will help in quality for steaming, baking roasting. But my area of concern is that they key labour inetnsive and time intensive and quality concern activities is of making of sauces. We make 35-50 litres of tomato based sauce. One of the key steps involves making the roux , a thickening agent for the sauce. Cook it less then the sauce will have a flavour of corn flour . Can the tomato puree reduced and can the orux be cooked. The thickening agent has oil, celery, garlic and cornflour and has to be cooked for 40 minutes and needs constant stiriing.Also can caramelised onions be made in this.Please advise

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  • I know that the cleveland Combi can do sauces, roasting, steam cooking, re-thermal etc. Check out some combi options at
  • I would call your local combi oven manufacturers representative and ask to demo a unit utilizing your product. Most combi manufacturers market their equipment through the demo process so they would be more than happy to let you use the equipment at there test facility. I recommend Blodgett or Rational when it comes to combis. I hope this helps.
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