I'm comparing a Cleveland OGS-10.10 against a Blodgett BCX-14G. The Blodgett is about $5,000 more expensive. Is it worth it? Any recommendations for these or other units?David

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  • Hi David,

    We are the Authorized Service and Parts Distributor for Cleveland Range(A Manitowoc Company).  We have seen many OGS-10.10 units in the field and they are an amazing piece of equipment.  I can tell you that the Cleveland Units have been accepted by chains such as Chili's and many hospitals alike. 


    If you have more in depth technical questions, please call our Service Manager Dave Eckert at 1-800-794-1415 Mon-Fri bet 7:30am-4:30pm  He has great knowledge of equipment and can possibly point you in the right direction!


    Have a great day!!

  • I have seen a Cleveland Combi in action and it was very easy to use and the products that came out (fish, spinach, steak, grilled cheese sandwhich, and tater tots) looked and tasted fantastic. I have never seen the Blodgett in action but I know the Cleveland works wonders.

    check out my blog where I write about this:

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  • David,
    Your big issue here is that you are comparing the wrong models for an apples to apples equivelant. The Blodgett BX-14G is the proper unit to be quoted if you are looking for a boilerless style unit. If you compare using this unit the Blodgett is the same amount of money and has a larger capacity than the Cleveland unit.
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