We recently had an interesting interaction with a potential customer that asked if we could adjust our service offering to allow their establishment to make donations to a charity of the guest's choosing rather than offering the customer a discount coupon for a future visit.Phenomenal idea. The proposal is to allow the guest to choose from one of four local associations to benefit, with a $2 donation being made for each table transaction.As a consumer and not an establishment representative, I think this would be well received. Rather than asking the customer to dig further into their pockets (as we often see now in retail chains), the restaurant will donate on the guest's behalf.The restaurant will keep a "wall of fame" to outline how each charity is doing and the community as a whole can check at any time to see how much the recipients will receive and when.So, I now ask you, as a subject matter expert in the industry, can/will it work? How could we make this idea even better?I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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  • Another phenomenal idea Tami! Would you mind if I shared this with our customer?
    • Great idea's are meant to be repeated. Go ahead. They can also reference the NRA Dine Out to Feed America Annual Fundraiser for idea's on implementation.
  • Terry,
    I think the idea would work and I think it is a great one. Particularly if the community the customer is located in is "community minded". To support my opionion I offer you this personnal example. I run a local non-profit that rescues prepared food from restaurants and banquet facilities and delivers it to our local charitable meal sites. In March the Greater Spokane Dietetic Association adopted our cause for their annual fund raiser and organized a "Dine Out to Feed Spokane" for the month of March, which is National Nutrition Month. They signed up various restaurants to donate a portion of their proceeds for a particular day during the month of March to help us raise money for a refrigerated truck. It was amazing to me how many people would check the online calendar in our community, (it was posted on our website) before going to lunch or out to dinner to see who was supporting us that day and then dining there. The whole effort was a huge success and we will repeat it next year.
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