Why is "spoilage" a four letter word in our industry??? There are a number of different ways and products (including mine) that by their very nature will reduce spoilage, yet day after day I hear from chefs, food & beverage directors, restaurant managers and owners that they have NO spoilage. It's as if "spoilage" is a personal attack on their ability to control costs or their commitment to serve the freshest food possible.Certainly my years in the Caribbean, where it can be five days or more between shipping and receiving have made me more aware of the spoilage factor, but I've also owned and operated restaurants here in the U.S., and I guess I did so very poorly, because unlike so many in the industry that I speak to, I did (I guess I should be ashamed to admit) occasionally throw out food.My question, then, is a simple one. How do I break down that ego barrier??? How do I get past that "I have no spoilage" statement and enter into an intelligent discussion with someone about the food saving aspects of my product??? We're a new company, we're in over 100 locations, and though we operate entirely without contracts we have clients paying us for more than a year, so obviously the product works.But for every client we do have, we've been told by at least a dozen more that "We have no spoilage." and we've been immediately shown the door.C'mon guys, every food service operation has a spoilage factor. Can someone please tell me why so many people won't own up to this fact and at least talk to me about what my product might do for them???Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...

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  • Steve:

    Get in touch with me, I may have a good client for you.

    Howard Appell
    561 620-8888
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