Social Media Gone Wrong?

Today, I published an article on my blog, Social Media Gone Wrong? The article discussed a chain restaurant and their social media campaign.As someone who participated in the promotion, I gave my thoughts on what went right and where I think they dropped the ball. The article was re-tweeted throughout the Twitter community, but I didn't get a lot of feedback as to how people felt about the campaign itself.Basically, I wonder if because Social Media is so new and companies are still learning is it ok to have a few miscues along the way, or should these companies be shown no mercy? What do you think?

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  • Hello...

    What I thought was notable in the article was the frequent references about the staff being the most positive experience with this situation.

    Often those in the "ivory tower" (including the techies) hatch ideas that lack logistical strategies for successful execution. It regularly ends up on the staff's shoulders to cover the mistakes as best as possible and/or taking the bullet from unhappy customers for the corporate operations and marketing faux pax.

    So often I read how important it is to get the hourly staff input but rarely does it happen with any regularity. Corporate too often overlooks the valuable expertise of the line employees.

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