Food, Inc. out in theatres

I recently attended a free screening of the movie Food, Inc sponsored by Chipotle Grill in Atlanta. It was a very revealing documentary that discussed the food chain as it exists today. Of course the film is one-sided leaning heavily toward slow food and organics. My question to you is have you seen the movie and what are your thoughts after seeing it?

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  • Hi there, I have not, as yet seen the movie since I work in a remote camp in the Alberta Oil Sands but I am currently working my way slowly through the book by the same name that is intended as a companion to the movie. Also reading a couple of books by Michael Pollan in the same genre. As a chef I am all for sustainability and organics etc. But I believe that the organics movement needs alot of work to become credible and mainstream. You cannot simply not fertilize with chemicals and slap an organic sticker on your product and charge 50-100% more. In the big picture I think that it'll be years before anything making any real difference can/will be done. That being said I also think that something has to happen, sooner rather than later. Of a more pressing concern to me is just the waste that I see far too much of here. The reduce, reuse and recycle mantra needs to take hold and it can make a difference much faster, my 2 cents....
    • I totally agree with you and I am going to check out the Michael Pollan books.
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