If there was a web product that allowed customers and business owners to share ideas, ask questions, or resolve problems publicly through a message board, would you use it?I ask because we're developing an online suggestion box for small businesses.Just wondering what the FohBoh community thought.Thanks!

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  • Hi Nick!
    Yes, this would be a good idea since almost everyone and everything is online these days. And because it's online, anyone who has been to a restaurant with an online suggestion box would be able to post their thoughts on the restaurant. I believe this can provide valuable feedback not only to the owners but to those who want to try out the restaurant as well.

    What do you think?
    • Exactly that's why we creating FeedbackJar!
      A lot of times customers have specific questions for the restaurant. Having an online public suggestion box allows everyone to chime in and share ideas.
    • Nick
      The web product should contain some structured questions to be effective. Seek both feedback as well as recommendations.
      • You mean like most popular questions? Users can posts any questions they want. The owner or other customer can answer the question.
        We were thinking about adding a review feature by integrating APIs from other review sites.

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