HiHas anyone had a success with Linkedin in the Culinary Industry.At this time I am seeking employment and was wondering has Linkedin helped anyone.

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  • Hi Andrea,

    LinkedIn is a great online network for professionals seeking to connect with job seekers. It's easy to get lost in the 175+ industries that are listed there, however. My recommendation is to complete a detailed profile on FohBoh, join groups on FohBoh that relate to your area of interest or expertise. I also recommend that you join the conversation on FohBoh because that is a great way to expand your connections.

    I also recommend adding your contacts to your fohboh invite list, as well as to your LinkedIn profile. Use all social media to help you connect, communicate and collaborate online, fohboh, LinkedIn, Facebook are all good to join.

    Notice the Upload Files link on this discussion? Add your resume there as a Pdf.

    Good luck!
  • Please see my resume on Linkedin for more information.
    Thank you for your response.
  • Your best bet is to join groups on Linkedin and participate in the discussions and blogs.
    There are groups for whatever interests you.
    Even companies you're interested in may have a group.

    Join some of the open networking groups as they'll open some possibilities, too.
    What exactly are you looking to do ? What part of the world ?
  • I guess you should tell us what you do ?
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