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Hello EveryoneI have created a survey in order to gain insights into how the fohboh community uses different forms of advertising and marketing, and if so, how effective it has been for restaurant vendors.I created this survey using a service called surveymonkey (its a great free service for creating online surveys goal is to collect and analyze the information in order to share back with the community so we can all gain valuable insights. I will provide a summary of the results if a significant number of people respond.This survey is anonymous and will not be shared with any third parties outside of fohboh. It is only 10 questions and I think it will be a great aid for owners, operators, and anyone who works in the industry. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day and helping the community learn and grow.Click Here to take surveyBest Wishes,Andrew Wells

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  • Thanks for taking the survey Debra. I still need a few more people to take the survey for the results to be statistically significant, so if you have any contacts who you think might be interested please invite them to take it.
  • Just filled out the survey for you. Great idea and I am looking forward to seeing your results.
    • Thanks for the support David. Will get those results back ASAP.
  • Superb idea Andrew, this is what the community really needs ;-].
    • Thanks Chris
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